JAC Class 8 Social Science Notes Geography Chapter 1 Resources

JAC Board Class 8th Social Science Notes Geography Chapter 1 Resources

→ Any object, substance or material that has utility or usability makes a resource.

  • The substances which have certain values becomes a resource.
  • The two important factors that can change substances into resources are time and technology.
  • Time and technology are related to the needs of the people.
  • Human beings themselves are the most important resource. It is their ideas, recommendations, knowledge, inventions and discoveries that lead to the creation of more resources in the world.

→ Types of Resources
These are mainly divided into three categories:

  1. Natural resources
  2. Human made resources
  3. Human resources

JAC Class 8 Social Science Notes Geography Chapter 1 Resources

→ Natural Resources

  • Natural resources are the resources that are drawn from Nature and used without much alterations.
  • The natural resources are the air which we inhale, the rivers and lakes, the soils, minerals. These resources are presents of nature to living things and can be used directly.
  • Sometimes technology may be needed to use a natural resource in the finest manner.
  • Natural resources can be divided into:
    • Renewable resources
    • Non-renewable resources

→ Renewable Resources

  • These are the resources which get renewed or refilled quickly.
  • Solar energy and wind energy are some of the resources which are unlimited and are unaffected by human activities.
  • But some renewable resources such as water, soil and forest can affect the living things. In many parts of the world now a days, a major problem has come up. There is a shortage and drying up of natural water.

→ Non-renewable Resources

  • These are the resources which are present in fixed amount.
  • These are found inside the earth and take millions of years to form.
  • Fossil fuels, oil, natural gas, and coal and nuclear energy are some of the non-renewable resources.
  • In current scenario, around 84% of the total amount of energy used globally comes from fossil fuels.

→ Certain physical factors such as terrain, climate and altitude lead to the distribution of natural resources. Due to the unequal distribution of resources, these factors differ a lot over the earth.

→ Human Made Resources:

  • Human made resources are those natural resources whose original form has been changed to some other form.
  • Human beings use natural resources for their needs such as buildings, bridges, roads, etc.
  • Technology is also one of the forms of this resource.

→ Human Resources:

  • Knowledge, skill and technology help people to create more resources when they need to do so. Hence, human beings are a special human resource.
  • Human beings become a valuable resource due to education and health.
  • Human Resource Development is to enhance and improve the quality and attributes of person’s skills so that they are able to create and generate more resources.

JAC Class 8 Social Science Notes Geography Chapter 1 Resources

→ Conserving Resources:

  • Resource conservation means utilising resources veiy carefully and giving them time to get renewed and restore.
  • Sustainable development means to balance the need to use resources and also preserve them for the future.
  • Many ways are there to conserve resources such as reducing consumption, recycling and reusing thing.
  • It is our responsibility and task to ensure that:
    • Sustainable use of renewable resources.
    • On the earth, the varied range of life is conserved.
    • Minimise the damage to natural environmental system.

JAC Class 8 Social Science Notes

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